2020 UCCS Department of Technical Communication & Information Design Teacher Mentor Program


2020 UCCS Department of Technical Communication & Information Design Teacher Mentor Program

Featuring UCCS Professor, Jamie May

The UCCS Technical Communication & Information Design Teacher Mentor Program is designed to train select Colorado high school teachers in UCCS Technical Communication & Information Design course pedagogy and material. The program allows trained teachers to be the Teacher Mentors for students at their high schools who wish to participate in a UCCS online Technical Communication & Information Design course in the fall 2020 or spring 2021 semester. Students will be enrolled with students from other high schools all over Colorado.


Summer 2020 Online Training:








TCID 2090 – Technical Writing and Presentation

July 22-23

W, 9-3

Th, 9-3

1 CEU =

10 Contact Hours






Teacher Mentor expectations:
High School Administrators expectations:
UCCS faculty and administration expectations:


Fall or Spring UCCS Online Technical Communication & Information Design course for high school students: 


Fall 2020: August 24 - December 19 (student recommendation form deadline August 20)

Spring 2021: January 19 - May 15 (student recommendation form deadline December 15)

  • Space is limited, student recommendations will be reviewed in the order they are received.

  • Tuition/fees are $550 per course (3 credits)


TCID 2090: Technical Writing and Presentation (3 credits)

Offers students an introduction to the spectrum of workplace and technical communication. Students will practice planning, drafting, revising, and testing documentation focused on user/audience needs. Students will create technical and multimedia projects such as: technical descriptions, instructions, proposals, various reports, and presentations. Prer., GT-C01



How to Apply

Fill out the application for the UCCS Technical Communication & Information Design Teacher Mentor Program.  The program is limited to 25 participants, applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.



Complete the form below if you are interested in being contacted about future offerings of this course:

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