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CU Succeed Online Courses

University of Colorado Colorado Springs offers select online courses to cohorts of high school students. Courses are taught by UCCS professors and have the same rigor and expectations of any course offered at UCCS.

High school students who are academically prepared can jumpstart their higher education goals by earning UCCS academic credit which is documented on an official UCCS academic transcript. Whether your goal is a 2-year or 4-year college degree, we can help you get there!

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Fall 2023: September 5 - December 15 (registration deadline is Aug 31)

Spring 2024: January 16 - May 10 (registration deadline is January 10)

--- Space is limited each semester, Register Early! ---



Summer 2023

Academic Fitness: College Readiness
---FREE---Summer 2024 dates - to be announced

Fall 2023

Interdisciplinary Studies

Spring 2024 - enrollment now closed


Cost: $550 per course, plus textbook (if applicable)

  • $450 (tuition)
  • $100 (online fee)

A portion of payment may be covered by your high school, check with your school Counselor.

CU Succeed Online courses are offered at a discounted tuition rate.  Courses are not Financial Aid eligible and the Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF) cannot be used for these courses.


Some courses require textbooks. Students will need to purchase the textbook at an additional cost.


Grading, Transfer Policies and FERPA

  • Online courses offered by UCCS have university-level content and subject matter and university-level rigor, expectations and standards. 
  • UCCS Degree options and transfer details can be found here: UCCS Majors and Minors Advising Guides and UCCS Best Choices Transfer Advising Guides
  • Check with your high school counselor to determine if UCCS courses can also be used to satisfy any of your high school graduation requirements.
  • Grades earned in online courses become part of and remain on the student's permanent University of Colorado record. Therefore, it is extremely important that a student earn at least a 'C' grade in online courses. A grade of C-minus or below could prevent a student from being admitted to any campus in the University of Colorado system, regardless of the student's high school GPA or college entrance exam scores, as a C- corresponds to a GPA of 1.70, and students must have a minimum of a 2.0 University GPA to be admitted to or remain in good standing at the University. STUDENTS WHO ARE AT RISK OF RECEIVING A GRADE LOWER THAN "C" SHOULD CONSIDER WITHDRAWING FROM THE COURSE PRIOR TO THE WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE!
  • Policies regarding the transfer of credits and the specific ways in which they apply to degree requirements vary from university to university. It is the responsibility of the student to contact his/her prospective university and to provide necessary information so the university may determine if/how the credits earned are transferable.  
  • Students must act on their own behalf. Parents, high school officials and others are not permitted to enroll, drop, or add classes on behalf of the student.  Students are covered under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Parents may gain access to student records only if the student submits a FERPA waiver giving consent. This can be done, by the student, in the UCCS student portal. 

How To Enroll:

Students should discuss taking a CU Succeed Online class with their parents/guardians and school counselors. Those who are in good academic standing at their high school can click on the 'enrollment guide' link under each class above. 

Spring 2024: January 16 - May 10 (registration deadline is Jan 9)

--- Space is limited each semester, Register Early! ---