Dual Credit Readiness Quiz

Readiness Quiz

Dual Credit Readiness Quiz


I have regular access to a laptop or desktop computer. (Please mark “No” if you use a cell phone to participate in virtual school.)
I have regular access to the Internet with a reliable connection. (Please mark “No” if your connection is slow due to having multiple people using the connection for work and school).
I am comfortable using standard word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Power Point, etc.

I am confident in my ability to operate a computer, in:

Downloading and Updating software
No Confidence
Very Confident
Managing files
No Confidence
Very Confident
Searching the internet
No Confidence
Very Confident
Using email
No Confidence
Very Confident
Using programs or apps to take tests and participate in online discussions using a camera and the chat feature
No Confidence
Very Confident

Time Management/Organization/Study Skills

I schedule my time well at school and outside of school.
I have a dedicated space and time when I can accomplish my college classwork, and I am comfortable limiting interruptions while I am doing my schoolwork.
I understand that a UCCS dual credit class requires up to 9 hours per week per class. I know I can set aside enough time for my dual credit class meetings and assignments.
I am self-motivated and I get started ahead of time on assignments, rather than waiting until the last minute to start.
I have a system for keeping up with dates that assignments/projects are due. I do not depend on the teacher or my family to continuously inform me of due dates.
I have excellent school and class attendance. When I do miss school, I independently reach out to the instructors and make up the work.


I am a student who has shown a readiness to perform college level work as proven by my overall good academic standing at my high school.
I am comfortable with written instructions about what is expected and the due dates.
I am an independent learner who takes personal responsibility for my learning and I do not require constant attention from my teacher.
I am comfortable asking questions when I have a problem, or I do not understand the material. This includes getting outside tutoring when needed.
I handle academic and personal situations independently without a lot of involvement from my parents/guardians.
I understand that as a high school student enrolling in a UCCS dual credit class, I am held accountable to the standards and expectations set forth in the UCCS Student Code of Conduct.
I understand that this class is at the same level that any college student would take. I understand that the professors teaching these classes are expecting to treat me like they treat all other college students. It is my responsibility to ask for and seek help if I start to fall behind. If I fail a dual credit class, the grade will show up on my official UCCS transcript.

UCCS Expectations

I understand the cost of taking UCCS dual enrollment classes and I have discussed a financial plan with my family. If I fail this class, or withdraw after the class census deadline, I am still responsible to pay the full cost of the class.
I understand it is my responsibility to purchase the textbook or other materials required for the UCCS dual credit class.
When thinking about my future, I have education and career goals that involve earning a 4-year degree.