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National Board Candidates

Participate along with other candidates in a learning community setting to complete the process of National Board Certification. This process involves the practice of becoming reflective practitioners through a deep analysis of instruction, pedagogical practice, student work, student learning, and community and professional involvement.

National Board Certification Candidate Support Class Syllabus

Enrollment Guide - Teacher Leaders 

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National Board Certified Teachers: Candidacy, Certification & Renewal

The process is convenient and encourages NBCTs to continue living the NBPTS standards.

Fall 2023 Enrollment Guide - Candidacy, Certification & Renewal


For NBCTs who have completed the Candidacy portion for the National Board Certification. Candidates will demonstrate a commitment to students' learning by systematic professional learning and reflection on teaching practices.

National Board Certification Candidacy Syllabus


For NBCTs who have completed the National Board Certificate process. Participants will successfully demonstrate skills based on effectiveness and content standards developed by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Students must have completed and achieved National Board Certification and earned the title of National Board Certified Teacher.

National Board Certification Syllabus


For NBCTs who have completed and received a "renewed" score on their submission to NBPTS for the Certification Renewal process.  NBCTs will demonstrate commitment to professional growth/learning that increases their impact on student learning through reflection on teaching practices in current role whether in or outside the classroom.

National Board Certification Renewal Syllabus


National Board Certified Teachers

Teacher Leaders- Action Research

Design and implement an action research project in a classroom, school and/or district. This independent study project starts with a focused and specific question about teaching and learning that will ultimately improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Teacher Leaders Syllabus

Fall 2023 Enrollment Guide - Teacher Leaders

Certification Renewal Support

Facilitating and supporting NBCT renewal candidates through the renewal certification process.

National Board Certification Renewal Support Course Syllabus

Enrollment Guide - Teacher Leaders

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Earning UCCS Credit

  • Graduate credits or CEUs can be applied toward state licensure renewal
  • Graduate credits and CEUs can be applied toward in-district salary advancement in most districts
  • Graduate credits can be applied towards an advanced degree


  • $300 / Graduate Credit
  • $75 / Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Program Contacts

  • Judy Williams, UCCS National Board Certification Program Coordinator and Instructor:
  • UCCS Online & Academic Outreach:

UCCS cannot guarantee that another institution will accept transfer credits. Check with your academic advisor to determine if these credits can be used toward your advanced degree.



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